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TatMash WallPapers, Badges and Buddy icons for your Website and Computer!

Tatmash Wallpaper

We commisioned several artists to come up with concepts that screamed "Tatmash Wallpaper!" check out what they came up with!


Tatmash Website Badges

Check out the nifty badges that we made! You can use these badges to link us to your website by placing the correspondiong Code into your page.

Badge(88px x 31px, 2kb)
Badge(88px x 31px, 2kb)
Badge(160px x 36px, 6kb)
Badge(160px x 36px, 6kb)
Badge(160px x 36px, 6kb)
Badge(114px x 20px, 2kb)
Badge(16px x 16px, 1kb)
Badge(113px x 16px, 1kb)

Tatmash Buddy Icons

We made these buddy icons for your instant messaging and forum avatars. Enjoy!

Click a buddy icon to download it.

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