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The only Online Tattoo Simulator With Realistic Photo 3D Tattoos

Getting a tattoo, especially your first, is a big decision. It's understandable to be hesitant. Afterall, once the needle goes in...there's no going back. Who wants to be stuck with an ugly tattoo or one that just isn't right for YOU? How much money and embarrassment will that cost? Is it really worth not making a minor investment to avoid a permanent change to your body you might regret? You wouldn't buy a car without a test drive or build a house without seeing the designs, so why change your body without knowing the outcome? Save your skin with the best tattoo simulator on the market. Tatmash is here to cover your back. Please select one of the below packages, then click the "Continue" button to choose package options.

"The Definite Guide to Tattoos" is a great resource if you're getting your first tattoo.


Free version of Tatmash
  • The #1 Tattoo Simulator
  • You can use your webcam
  • Use any tattoo in the gallery
  • Limited Uses and Storage
Limited Trial Use


All features in Basic and: No Watermark on your photo Upload your own Tattoos Unlimited Uses and Storage Can Put Text on Tattoos
$5.99 - one Month
Special Sale - 10% off

Premium Best Value

All features in Plus and:
  • Premium HD simulator
  • 4x Higher Resolution Pictures
  • 3d depth controls
  • Complete Tattoo Font Pack
$19.95 - one Year
Special Sale - 20% off

Limited Trial Use
$5.99 one month
Limited Time!

$19.95 one year
Limited Time!

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