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Search Online Tattoos
In omnia paratus
Added: 20th March 2010
Posted By: Guest
Views: 4033
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Prohibited Reprodution.

Tags: Tattoo
Added: 26th March 2010
Posted By: fenix
Views: 1825
Comments: 0

Nome Camila Em Japones Se Pronusia Kamira

Tags: Camila Kamira
Added: 10th February 2011
Posted By: zentron
Views: 1242
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Tags: Hammer
Ka Stephen King
Added: 28th March 2010
Posted By: cativow
Views: 3021
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É tudo, expressado em apenas duas letras. É a sensação de conhecer uma pessoa a anos mesmo que ela tenha acabado de ser apresentada. É um conjunto de fatores altamente desconexos que, no fim de tudo, servem ao mesmo propósito. É aquilo que move a sua mão e a sua vontade, move você por...

Tags: Ka Stephen King Dark Tower Roland Deschain Gilead
Wild at heart
Added: 3rd April 2010
Posted By: dlvm
Views: 3124
Comments: 0

My wild nature, love for heavy metal, problem with rules and doing the things "that we're not allowed to". This is what's closest to my heart.

Tags: heart wild rock n' roll heavy metal rebel
quid pro quo
Added: 4th April 2010
Posted By: MaybeTomorrow
Views: 2384
Comments: 0

Tags: latin, wrist, quid pro quo
Added: 6th April 2010
Posted By: brainner
Views: 1113
Comments: 0

King of Winning Eleven / Pro Evolution Soccer

Tags: PES W11
Added: 6th April 2010
Posted By: zeemolica
Views: 12228
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the attraction of the Japanese dragon, apart from its stunning beauty is that it represents good luck and the source of wealth. The Japanese dragon also represents the meaning of freedom and being fearless, both very attractive qualities. Like the angel, the Japanese Dragon also has the meaning...

Tags: dragon
Added: 6th April 2010
Posted By: Thamima
Views: 1896
Comments: 0

nome proprio

Tags: nome
minha proxima tattoo
Added: 7th April 2010
Posted By: bna
Views: 2883
Comments: 0

tattoo da bruna

Tags: bna*
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